The public limited company Eesti Teed performs road maintenance on state highways in five counties. The owner of the shares is the Republic of Estonia. The company Eesti Teed AS was entered into the commercial register on March 15, 2012.

Eesti Teed AS maintains state highways in Saare, Pärnu, Tartu, Võru and Lääne-Viru counties according to a road maintenance agreement. Eesti Teed AS maintains more than 6,200 km of state highways, which comprises 37.8% of all state highways in Estonia.

The capacity of the maintained roads is divided as follows:

4,257 km of paved roads and

1,961 km of gravel roads.

The roads’ summer maintenance includes planning and profiling gravel roads, constructing and repairing gravel roads, patch surface dressing, repairing potholes in the coating, dust control, profiling shoulders, mowing grass and brush from road areas, cleaning road ditches and digging new ones, maintaining bridges and overpasses, constructing and cleaning road culverts, maintaining bus shelters, platforms and parking lots, maintaining and installing traffic control devices.

Winter maintenance includes snow control and de-icing according to the road condition levels implemented for state highways; cleaning snow and ice from parking lots, bus shelters and bridges, and cleaning traffic control devices.

The primary services offered without a road maintenance agreement are constructing and repairing roads and lots, surface dressing (single, double and patch surface dressing; pre-chipping double surface dressing and coarse gravel surface dressing; petroleum bitumen emulsion C67B4, C60B4/V600 and oil shale bitumen PB-5 are used as binding agents), drilling and filling work, dust control, and construction of road culverts. The company also produces and installs traffic control devices, and also rents them for temporary use.

The vehicle park of Eesti Teed AS comprises of more than 600 units of vehicles, machinery and additional equipment. The majority is comprised of more than 70 road maintenance trucks that are equipped with various types of ploughs and chutes with different properties. Also graders, tractors, loaders, excavator-loaders and various pothole fixing equipment. The most frequently used additional equipment includes mowers, washers, gravel distributors, road cleaning brushes and snow blowers. The company has 20 units of different types of rollers for various purposes. Jaw crushers, cone crushers and vibrating screens are used for improving quarry materials.

Eesti Teed AS annually provides work for 400 people.

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